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Many of our clients are moving from larger homes either in the Midwest or the Northeast and are looking to simplify their lives by downsizing into a smaller home.  There are a lot benefits to this, especially if you can reduce your overhead expense.  i think most people who downsize down here in Naples also realize how little they really need to be happy, and that's probably a very good thing, especially if you are heading towards retirement age or are looking for a 2nd home.  

For those of you in the Naples area, if you are considering downsizing, give us a call.  We know a number of great "professional organizers" who can help you optimize what you already have and remove stuff that is redundant or that you don't need.

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Downsizing typically has to do with some type of life event - it could be that you are becoming empty nesters or perhaps a divorce, financial change or some other life change. Maybe you're just bored!

Here are some considerations for downsizing - questions to ask yourself:

How important is home size to us?  

What is the financial cost to us ?  You might spend more or less, depending the type of home ("skyrise" anyone)?

What kind of home works for us?  Is this a lifestyle choice? Or income choice (to spend your money on something else)?

What neighborhood or area might the best fit?  This might connect to your lifestyle - for example you might want to leave near the beach, or a golf course.  

What are the "locational factors"?  Sometimes the "commute" can also be a huge factor in downsizing....I used to be a road warrior for 20 years flying all over the country. When we moved to Naples, I loved the fact that I had a home base plus we had beach access a mile away and the school for the kids was a 5 minute drive away....that changed our lives a lot.   

What are your reasons?   Reach out to me as I'm always happy to chat with you....

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