Kalea Bay High Rise Lving With No Pet Restrictions

Dated: 04/29/2015

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One of the challenges of finding a new home is ensuring that the important family members - including our pets - will be happy.   I don't know about you, but my dog, Rudy, has been a big part of our lives.  Good ol' Rudy dog - he's almost 13 and still kicking along quite well thank you very much.  He sleeps a lot now though, and has a habit of snoring.  Dreamland for dogs must be pretty good because he's always making funny little noises.   Rudy was one of our first "children" - he was a "save" from an animal shelter when we lived in Philadelphia.  We got him as a puppy to keep our other dog, Bear, company while we were working.  

Here's a recent picture of Rudy doing his thing.

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No, today's blog isn't about Rudy per se (although I could ruminate on and on about him); it's about the importance of having a home that is conducive to having a pet.  One of the big challenges in Naples is that for high rise living, many of the existing buildings have stringent pet policies.   Very few are "big dog" friendly for example.  

The good news is that if you are intrigued by high rise living but never considered it because of the size of your pet, Kalea Bay might be a great option for you.   Kalea Bay is a new high rise development on Vanderbilt Drive.  It's been a project long in the making, by original developers of the resort style "The Dunes" which is located just down the street.

For more information on Kalea Bay new construction, give us a call!

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